Poll: Do you want your tax dollars spent on training government staff on social media?

The General Service Agency (GSA) of the US Federal government has announced pilot training program for government employees to learn social media. The twelve week course, consisting of 1.5 hour sessions will cover the following topics:

The readings cover four topics: communities; information; moving from information to action; and the capacities and limitations of social media within government.

To help understand how and why communities form, and the impact that our communities have on us, the class will chapters from Bowling Alone and Connected.

The books The Shallows and True Enough will focus attention on how information is traded online, and how more information does not always elevate (or alleviate) debate.

To show how social media practitioners can move from online to offline action, the class will be discussing portions of Cognitive Surplus and Reality is Broken.

Given the current economic climate, and that the course involves employees being taken away from their work and desks, and of course any cost to offer the course, we’d like to hear your opinion on whether you want your tax dollars spent for this purpose.

So, here’s the new poll.



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  1. Aaron Mitz says:

    My feeling is that if social media training makes it easier for me to get things done with government, it would be a good thing, but I don’t see how that would work. So, I voted no because there really are other government priorities. I want good customer service from government, but I can’t afford more taxes.

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