New Series: How Government Managers Can Contribute Help Their Employees Deliver Customer Service Excellence

It seems obvious that managers and leaders in the public service can play large roles in both helping and encouraging their staff to deliver the best customer service possible within a difficult government environment. But they are busy, and there’s a tendency to become out of touch with the challenges front line staff face in dealing with government customers. In an age where organizations are (mistakenly) moving towards technology in the hope of improving customer service, it’s even more critical that government managers know what they can do more locally to help citizens access and use government services, since, bottom line, customer service quality rests with improving live interactions — people to people.

Our New Series: What Government Managers Can Do To Help Employees

Fortunately, there’s a number of discrete, practical steps managers can take that may not take a great deal of time, and that are guaranteed to improve customer service in their agencies. So, in this new multi-part series, we’re going to cover a number of things that can be done, TODAY.

Here’s what’s coming up:

  1. Clarifying their own expectations regarding customer service to employees.
  2. Clarifying agency policies regarding customer service, and translating them into actionable information.
  3. Staying in touch with both the customer experience and the experience of front line staff serving customers.
  4. Ensuring employees are properly trained in the special skills needed to deal with more difficult clients.
  5. Backing up front line employees when needed to reduce the amount of time front line staff spend on dealing with the really tough customer situations experienced within government
  6. Building a customer service oriented culture through words, and more importantly, deeds, and addressing organizational values that affect how customer service is viewed by staff.
  7. Recognizing customer service excellence.
  8. Ensuring adequate resources are available to meet both client needs and those of frontline staff, at least as far as that’s possible within a climate of economic restraint.
  9. Coaching front line staff.

So, stay tuned. Lots of great advice coming.

Your question of the day:

How do you think managers can encourage staff to provide the best service possible?


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  1. The “Payoff” For Government Managers Helping Staff Provide Better Customer Service | Customer Service In Government says:

    […] Apart from the fact that offering the best customer service possible to government customers is the right thing to do, there are very practical implications for managerial involvement in helping staff provide better customer service. So, be proactive in helping employees, and be in touch with what’s happening on the front lines. We’ll have more specific tactics and strategies to do that in later articles. […]

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