Introduction To Our Free Video Tutorials – Dealing With Irate Government Customers

This is the introduction to our new video based series on dealing with irate government clients and customers. It’s set up so you can interact, do exercises, etc based on the videos, OR, if you choose you can simply sit back and listen or watch. It’s all up to you.

These videos are FREE to use in your workplace, in training or as a basis for discussions, and we’re “chunking” them into small short segments so they can be used easily in the available time. So, trainers, group leaders and faciitators can use them freely.

The first video is an overview.

Overview of The Free Video Tutorials For Government Staff On Dealing With Irate Customers

The First Tutorial – Introduction To The Video Series (Start Here)

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  1. KathyH says:

    Wonderful!! I’m so excited to use these tutorials. Your materials are absolutely excellent and what a generous thing to make these videos available for free. So glad I stumbled upon your work to share with my government employees.

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