Free Subscription For “Governing – The Resource For States and Localities”

Get Your Free Subscription To Government Magazine

If you are a government employee, you may be able to get a free subscription to Governing Magazine. Click on the image to complete the free subscription form

Governing Magazine is written specifically for government, and in particular targeted to policy makers and decision makers in the public sector. The company has generously offered free subscriptions to qualified government employees in the USA. Since there’s not a lot of publications specifically designed for government, it’s worth checking out. Note that the offering company decides on eligibility.

Here’s the more complete description:

Governing is a monthly magazine whose primary audience is state and local government officials: governors, legislators, mayors, city managers, council members and other elected, appointed and career officials. They are the men and women who set policy for and manage the day-to-day operations of cities, counties and states, as well as such governmental bodies as school boards and special districts.


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