For Comments On The Defusing Hostile Customer Workbook For The Public Sector

First, thanks for your interest in our book. Second, we’ll be doing a fourth edition sooner or later, and we’d really like to hear your thoughts on how to make the next edition even better.

So, if you have read the book, we would so appreciate it if you would take just a few minutes to help us out with comments, reviews….whatever. You can leave a comment anonymously if you choose.



  1. Ericka L. says:

    I downloaded the review copy of your book, and since I’m a trainer working in government, I’m wondering if I can use the material in the book in a course I’m doing for government? Is there a charge?

  2. rbacal says:

    Ericka, a number of government departments have used our book to base their customer service training on, because it’s format is particularly adaptable, and the exercises can be easily converted to use in face-to-face training.
    As for your question, IF you are using our book for “background” research, and do not want to use any of the content verbatim, you are certainly able to do that free of charge, and within the law. Credit is always appreciated.
    If you want to take complete chapters, verbatim, and that’s a good choice too, since it can save you tons of work, then it’s best to contact me at ceo@work911.com. We can work out some form of simple licensing agreement specific to your situation.
    If you want to use the entire book in its entirety, for example to give to training participants, then you must either licence it from us (that saves you a lot of money), or you can simply buy copies in printed form from the publisher. (https://www.createspace.com/3432410).
    Hope that answers your questions.

  3. John Strain says:

    Robert, thanks for setting this up. One of my responsibilities in government has to do with security, and I have a group of security guards that report to me. I’m wondering if your book has ever been used with this kind of employee, and whether you think it would be applicable. They aren’t really in the “customer service” business, but in a way, they should be thinking that way.


    1. rbacal says:

      John, on one or two occasions I’ve used the book material as a basis for doing a seminar with security guards. The one time I remember clearly was for casino security (which was a government enterprise), and it didn’t go terribly well.
      I think it depends on what basis you have security people hired. If you hire based on size, and things like that, rather than the ability to communicate, then I’m afraid it’s not likely that training, or the content of the book is going to make a difference, if it’s SO foreign to readers.

      I came across a similar situation with immigration officials, who saw themselves as being in law enforcement, and felt they didn’t have to learn to defuse situations. So, the answer is,it depends.

  4. John Strain says:

    Robert thanks for the comment. Do you know anything about George Thompson’s seminars on verbal judo? I understand he’s a former police officer. Any opinions as to whether we might look into that?

    1. rbacal says:

      Unfortunately, George Thompson passed away suddenly last year. I read his first book on Verbal Judo, and was quite impressed with it, and actually teach one or two of the techniques he described in that book. You can get his books, still, at amazon:


      As for the seminars, I know he was doing a number of them, and I’d heard they were quite good, although a bit expensive. The fact that he was a former police officer provided instant credibility for those in security and law enforcement.

      Since his passing, his company appears to have been taken over, at least in North America, by another organization, about which I know little. Their website, I personally found a bit strange, because it advertises things like verbal judo pins, pens, and also weapons accessories, something that’s odd to see offered by a training company.

      I certainly wouldn’t discourage you from finding out more information, but I simply don’t know the people who are the exclusive licensees of George’s intellectual property, so I can’t endorse it, or warn people away from it.

  5. Albert Straus says:

    I’m interested in purchasing a few copies for our government office, but in your email you mentioned you’re planning another edition. I’m wondering if it’s worth waiting for the new edition, or should I just purchase the most recent.

  6. rbacal says:

    Thanks for the interest and the vote of confidence. It’s always nice to hear from government staff who are interested in using our book. To answer your question, I don’t anticipate a 4th edition this year. I’m satisfied with the layout and content, and we won’t do the next edition until we feel we have significant new advice on how to deal more effectively with government customers.

    So, go for the current edition. I don’t see a new one until at least 2013.

  7. Guest says:

    I took a quick look at your book, and the content looks good, but not to be rude here. Do you really think that employees are going to actually READ the entire book, let alone do the exercises you’ve included? I can’t see our government agency buying these given that people don’t seem to read things anymore for work, and we can’t give people time off of work to read. People are really possessive of their down time.

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