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Every day government staff encounter angry, upset citizens as they interact with government agencies. It's stressful, and time consuming, and sometimes what starts out as verbal abuse extends to more physical expressions of the emotions.

It's imperative that government staff are equipped to deal with these situations, from the minor expresions of anger right through to the more physical expressions.

Below you'll find advice, tips and suggestions as to what can be done to defuse these angry situations.

For more indepth coverage, and the many defusing techniques that can be used, drop in at our site specifically designed to teach you these essential skills.

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The Angry Customer: What Happens Next? - by na
Do you ever wonder what happens when the angry customer storms out that door, or slams down that phone? Or are you simply relieved that this growling windbag is no longer raising a ruckus? Well, depending on your stake in the business, or your aspirations for a career in the service industry, it would behoove you to consider the angry customer%u2019s next moves (Views So Far 489 )

Dealing with Angry Customers - by Carmine Gallo
If you sell almost any type of product, then you already know that despite your best efforts at managing service and inventory, clients will be displeased from time to time. But don't simply accept ongoing dissatisfaction as an inevitable part of doing business. Instead, work at improving how you deal with customers whose experience has been less than satisfactory. It could mean the difference between losing customers permanently or keeping them satisfied--maybe even more committed to doing business with you. Here are seven keys. (Views So Far 447 )

Dealing with Angry Customers - 7 Hints - by na
Seven general hints for dealing with angry customers. It happens on a regular basis! Angry customers are expressing their frustrations by aiming their complaints at staff members. (Views So Far 674 )

Free Excerpt - The Nature of Hostile, And Abusive Behavior Part 2 - by Robert Bacal
An explanation of the link between child and adult angry behavior that answers the question: Why do angry customers sound and behave like children (as do all of us). (Views So Far 241 )

Book Excerpt - What Angry People Want and Need - by Robert Bacal
You might think you understand what angry customers need in order to calm down and work with you, but you might be wrong. Here's a rundown, from the psychological point of view, of what it takes to get angry customers to take their emotional levels "down a notch". (Views So Far 306 )

The Nature of Hostile And Abusive Behavior - Free Excerpt From Defusing Hostile Customers Workbook - by Robert Bacal
To deal effectively with difficult customers, you need to understand the basic Psychology that drives customer anger and hostility. In this book chapter, Robert Bacal provides some insight that goes way beyond the superficial. (Views So Far 243 )

Dealing With Difficult Customers, Angry Customers and Just Plain Rude Customers - by Robert Bacal
In a question and answer series, Robert answers your questions about how to deal with angry customers. Robert is the author of a number of customer service books. (Views So Far 316 )

Best Response To Angry Customers - Followup - by na
Part of a short three part series, this article focuses on the importance of followup when dealing with the concerns of an angry customer. Followup is often something that falls by the wayside, so it's a good reminder. (Views So Far 288 )

Dealing with Angry Customers Seven Tips and an Example Dialogue - by Carmine Gallo
Some tips on how to deal more effectively with angry customers, including an example dialogue. (Views So Far 330 )

Defusing Hostile Customers Workbook (3rd Edition) [E-Book Download] - Bacal and Associates - Fast Learning Tools - by Robert Bacal
Just for government? This workbook provides over one hundred techniques for dealing with the difficult, frustrated, manipulative and angry clientele. While it uses examples from the public sector, the skills are effective for anyone working in customer service. Complete course in a book. (Views So Far 254 )

Welcome To The Help You Need To Deal With Angry and Difficult Customers - by Robert Bacal is a site dedicated to helping you learn to defuse hostile and angry customers quickly and effectively. Videos, tutorials, book excerpts and articles included. Free (Views So Far 337 )

Seth's Blog: How to Deal with an Angry Customer - by Seth Godin
Seth Godin is good at summarizing things in few words, and while this article is a bit simple, it's still a good beginning to learning how to deal with angry customers (Views So Far 360 )

Anatomy of an Angry Customer - by Chuck Dennis
Chuck Dennis writes some good material from the business perspective, on customer service, which is a refreshing change. In this article, he outlines the business basics of dealing with angry customers. (Views So Far 496 )

7 Tips for Dealing With Upset Facebook Fans - by Jim Belosic
Social media has provided a forum for upset and angry customers, and while the principles to apply to upset customers is the same everywhere, this article focuses on dealing with Facebook fans (Views So Far 376 )

43 1/2 Tips for Handling Angry Customers - by na
Short tips, some obvious, some quite good on techniques for handling angry customers. Be careful of the overly simplified (Views So Far 582 )

6 Steps In Dealing With Angry Customers - by Sean McPheat
There comes a time in every salesperson's life when they have to deal with someone who has justification to be angry. Maybe it was a major problem with deliveries, something has been promised and it didn't materialise, or there's been a complete mix-up that has led to the customer being put in a bad position.""Whatever the cause, the way it is dealt with will make or break the long-term relationship. If you've made a mistake, there are certain steps you can take to deal with it and mitigate the circumstances that caused the anger. Here are some ideas: (Views So Far 544 )

When Customers Attack: Dealing With Angry Customers - by na
Good advice here. One of the toughest parts of working in retail is dealing with angry customers. Even though we do our best to make them happy, sometimes we can't win. It's important to be prepared to deal with wrathy customers so you're not taken by surprise when they strike. Here are some our top tips that we apply when dealing with our own angry customers: (Views So Far 381 )

How To Deal With Angry Customers | Sri Chinmoy Inspiration - by na
It is unfortunate that the angry customer is all too common. If you work in any service industry, you will undoubtedly come across people who get needlessly angry. It can be quite disconcerting as there can be real power and invective behind their anger. Knowing how to deal with angry people is an invaluable life skill and definitely will help you remain peaceful This advice is equally valid for dealing with angry people in general. (Views So Far 378 )

A new category of heel: The customer service saboteur - by na
Joel Anaya has given them a fair amount of study, focusing on that very special jerk who can take a routine service experience--dining out, paying at a cash register, air travel--and make it a nightmare. Anaya has even coined a term for it--"customer service sabotage"--and discerned seven different categories of rude customers who can be a serious liability for the service industry. (Views So Far 324 )

How best to deal with angry customers (Call Centers) - by Gemma Gibson
There's some good material here about dealing with angry customers, particularly the effort to explain why customers get angry. A general tip, though. Watch out for overly vague advice, liking "respect them", or "use your common sense". If it was that easy, we wouldn't have angry customer challenges in the first place. (Views So Far 286 )

Open Loops: Fogging: One Communication Technique to Deflect Criticism - by Bert Webb
Nice explanation of fogging (the communication technique) can be used when encountering criticism from a customer. (Views So Far 369 )

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