Pricing and Costs For Bringing Defusing Hostile Customers In Government To Your Organization


Our Pricing Philosophy For Governments

My goal is to get the skills and tactics needed to defuse angry government customers in the hands of government employees, and to do my best to not let fees and costs become a barrier for doing so. As I get closer to retiring, I'd like the work I've done over the last thirty years to "keep going" far beyond my training career.

Flex Pricing of Seminars

For this reason, I do my best to negotiate a fee on a case-by-case basis to fit into your government budget, recognizing we've moved into a phase where government budgets are severely restricted, and that's unlikely to change in the near future. Fees are negotiated taking into account elements like distance from us, time required to meet your specific needs and customize the seminar for you, and number of seminars you'd like to run. And, most important our fees take into account YOUR available funds and budget.

For this reason, we don't publish a fixed fee schedule.

Our goal is to hit as close to the $120 per attendee target.

We Don't Compete On Price But...

...we offer better value than the few competitors that offer similar training to government. Here's why.

  • We have almost NO marketing costs, no fancy pamphlets, no advertising campaigns. Our customers come from word of mouth and our websites, and those who have already purchased our books on the topic.
  • Our operation is tiny. We don't have to support a large staff, fancy office space or any of the other things that large companies have to do.
  • We are committed to doing this, and while I have to make a living, my goal is to make these skills available to government staff.

Pricing On Per Project Basis

As a former government employee who was involved in purchasing seminars from vendors, I always preferred to know, going in, what our costs would be. I found it frustrating to deal with training vendors who billed on an hourly basis because it was impossible to budget properly within the rules and policies of government.

For that reason, we negotiate an "all inclusive" price up front that fits your budget. We'll give you a firm price, and that's the price you'll pay (except for normal expenses like travel and hotel)

Pricing From Competitors In This Field

Because we specialize in working with government clients, there are, in fact, almost no comparable learning options available from competitors. That makes it hard to compare our prices to those of others, because the overwhelming majority of competitors offer their generic seminars, often right off the shelf, without custom designing or tailoring to government.

There are, however, two companies that have experience with the public sector and dealing with angry customers and offer training. CPI is probably the best know, and is active in offering seminars where individuals can sign up and attend (non-customized). Their per person fee for Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training Program is $619 (in Canada), and while they've established a reputation for quality, their offerings are not comparable.

In the past the company formed by George Thompson (Verbal-Judo) has also established an excellent reputation, particularly in law enforcement, but upon George's untimely death, the company has been taken over by a new parent, and prices aren't available.

We can guarantee that you will not find another training vendor with the experience, focus, and government experience for an equivalent price.

Call at (613) 764-0241 or e-mail to

The best way to familiarize yourself with our capabilities and the content of our seminars is to purchase a copy of The Defusing Hostile Customers Workbook For Public Sector. You can do that now from amazon.

About Company

Bacal & Associates is a small training, consulting and publishing company specializing in government. Founded in 1992, we have been serving government training and consulting needs for 22 years. We focus on customer service, communication, performance management, and other management challenges within hte public sector.

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