Making Presentations To A Resistant, or Difficult Group Of Citizens


Learning To Present To Difficult Citizens, Businesses and Members Of The Public (Seminar)

Government staff frequently are asked to participate in open forums, meetings with the public, or involved in other informational meetings where those attending those gatherings come in the door already unhappy, hostile or even aggressive, not to mention resistant to the news to be presented and discussed.

While public relations and communication officers may have skills in dealing with the anger and resistance, managers, and regular staff expected to present or lead these meetings rarely have had the chance to learn skills to handle the negative comments, anger, and attempts to hijack meetings. As a result, the messages get lost, and these presentations can deteriorate badly.

Worse, public meetings of this sort that "go awry" end up receiving even more media coverage, because bad news always seems to trump the good.

Its not good for the presenter, and it's not good for the government branch or department, particularly if the presenter ends up coming across as:

  • defensive when under "attack"
  • lost as to how to respond to a wave of criticism
  • aggressive when dealing with the attacks, getting pulled into "counter-attacks
  • completely losing credibility

The same issues exist when managers or staff need to present information internally, to other staff, decision makers, or have to deliver bad news to groups.

The Half-Day Presenting To Difficult, Hostile Groups

Our seminar, designed for government, and particularly those that have little chance to learn the essential skills to apply in these situations offers some solutions.

As with all our seminars we custom-design based on the needs of your group, hence we only offer the seminar on an "in house basis".

The Essential Skills Covered

Understanding And Anticipating The Behavior Of Difficult Groups (The Importance Of Knowing You Are Under Attack

  • Factors That Affect Speaker Credibility, From Clothing To Demeanor

  • How To Enhance Speaker Credibility Even When Under Attack

  • Preparing Properly

  • Dealing With Specific Audience Behaviors: Side tracking, heckling, direct insults, attempts to monopolize the meeting

And more topics as indicated as being important from our included needs assessment.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Needs

Since we customize to fit your needs, please contact us for more information and to see if there's a good fit. Email us or call (613) 764-0241

Don't Miss Out On Our LearnBytes Mini-Guide: Presenting To Difficult/Resistant Groups

We've taken key points, hints and elements on the topic and brought them together in a mini-guide you can buy and download immediately. You can get instant help, even if seminars don't fit or are not affordable.

For more information, and to purchase (under $10) please click here.

To see a partial preview see below (click on the presentation to make it more readable).

Mini-guide: Presenting Or Speaking To Hostile, Angry and Resistant Audiences by Robert Bacal

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