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We handpick the best reputable resources on government, with an eye to catering to the needs of those seeking out information about government. Launched in February, 2013, we are constantly adding new material, and topics. Note that this is a non-partisan, non-political site that knows no national boundaries.

Government and Public Sector Resource Categories:

Angry Customers - Dealing With (21)
Government employees are magnets for the anger of citizens, and customers. All is not lost, since there are many strategies and techniques that can be used to defuse angry government customers, while remaining efficient and professional.
Apps By Government (10)
More and more governments are creating apps for use on tablets and mobile phones to bring their "services" and information to citizens. Some have met with big successes. others not so much. Here's the rundown on what governments are doing with app development and distribution.
BYOD - Bring Your Own Device To Government (11)
More governments are encouraging or allowing staff to bring their tablets, phones, and other e-devices to be used on government business. It's fraught with issues. Here's more.
Branding In Government (9)
Everyone's doing it. Branding. Even governments. But how does branding actually contribute to better public sector functioning. More important, how does it benefit taxpayers. Here are some answers.
Careers In Government (22)
It's a challenge being a government employee, and it's also a challenge getting one's first job in government. In this section you'll find valuable advice and tips on a) Excelling in your public sector job, and b) Getting in for your first government position.
(What Is It Like To Work In Government) (Getting In) (Excelling In Your Government Job)
Celebrating Government (9)
Amidst the constant criticism about government, there lives a huge amount of information and news about the good things government does, and the good work of government employees. It's time to switch from the prime time gloom and doom to find reasons to celebrate the good.
Citizen Engagement In Government (14) new
Citizen engagement is touted everywhere, but what does it mean? What is it we want citizens to engage WITH? Is it worth spending money on? That's the focus on this section.
Customer Service - Government and Public Sector (96) new
Governments at all levels are struggling with offering service to customers and citizens within the context of budget cutbacks and increases expectations. Is the answer social media? Should government be spending more taxpayers' dollars to serve more effectively?
(Customer Engagement) (What Is Government Doing) (Customer Communities) (Customer Advisory Boards)
Gov20 (5)
There are lots of different definitions of Gov2.0, but generally it refers to government use of social platforms. Even if we can't agree on an exact definition, it appears it's "here". We'll cover the in's and out's.
Government Communicators And Communication (10)
Government HAS to communicate with the public -- it's one of the prime aspects that's part of a democratic society, but the path for communication is complex. In this section we'll look at the general issues, and also focus on the role of government communicators, and how they can improve their effectiveness.
Government Conferences And Events (3)
Times are tight and it's getting harder to attend conferences and government events. In this section, you'll find information about some of the issues, options and even some conferences you might want to attend.
Government Using Social Media (39) new
Government is jumping on social media to communicate with citizens, so how's it working? Best practices? Case studies? It's all here.
(Basics) (Facebook) (Twitter)
Government Websites (9)
Government websites have evolved into much better sources for both information for taxpayers, and can even help get things done. But there's room to get better. Here's where things are going.
Human Resources In Government (2)
it's a daunting job to be responsible for hiring, policy, employment rule enforcement, recruitment, record keeping, etc, and in government these and other things are even more important than in the private sector. Here we'll tackle the issues and solutions that HR professionals in government face.
Improving Procurement and Acquisition In Government (0)
One of the biggest tasks of government is hiring contractors, procuring products and service, etc, and horror stories abound about bloated costs. In this section we'll look at ways government can, and is trying to streamline and cut costs.
Innovation In Government (17)
We don't usually think of government as an innovator, but rapid societal changes are forcing government to change. Innovation is the key. Here you'll find ideas about how government can do it, and case studies about what innovative government has to offer.
Leadership In Government (17)
Leadership is important at the political levels of government, but leadership within the civil service is a huge factor in determining effectiveness and good use of taxpayers dollars.
Local And Municipal Government (8)
The smaller size and easier access occuring in local and municipal government changes the dynamics of how to get things done. In this section, we'll focus on working in a smaller, politically different context of municipal government
Metrics - Measuring Customer Service (8)
It's a big issue. How do you measure the quality of the customer service given to customers? Wrong metrics can be misleading, but it's hard to measure customer service quality in a meaningful way.
Morale In Government (20)
Budget cuts, layoffs, feelings of being unappreciated are making it difficult to work in government, these days. In this section, you'll find ideas, research and other resources on government employee morale.
Open Government (7)
The idea behind open government is that citizens have a right to know what goes on behind the veil or in the background. Transparency. However, the term has evolved a lot due to social media, and there are still many unexamined issues. That's what we'll look at here.
Procurement In Government (4)
The complexities, standards, rules and procedures for government purchases are mindboggling and challenging. Here we'll take a look at the topic, with an aim to helping those in government (and citizens) understand the convoluted process
Sequestration (10)
It's a term most are not familiar with, unless you work in government, where it may affect you directly. It simply refers to "automatic budget" cuts that will occur, unless "cancelled". In effect, it's funding cuts. While most citizens may not be familiar with the term, if it happens, it WILL affect how government can serve the public.
Telecommuting In Government (12)
Telecommuting or working remotely has potential to help government cut costs while making it easier for some employees to be in the workforce. Only it's not that simple. In this section, you'll find case studies, guides, policies on telecommuting in government.
To Be Classified (12) new
Training - Development and Learning In Government (2)
With training and development funds so limited in government, what's going on with training and development for government employees? Here we'll cover trends and how both employees and departments in the public sector are handling learning.
Workplace Violence (22)
Government employees, particularly in social services, and health are more likely to be the targets of workplace violence than most other professions. Government employee violence is a major issue. Here's what's happening.
(Prevention) (Violence Policies And Procedures And Forms)

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