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It's a term most are not familiar with, unless you work in government, where it may affect you directly. It simply refers to "automatic budget" cuts that will occur, unless "cancelled". In effect, it's funding cuts.

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Sequestration is Delayed - Now What? - by Emily Jarvis
Federal agencies received a two-month reprieve from the across-the-board spending cuts that were scheduled to start Jan. 2 under the Budget Control Act, reports Federal News Radio's Jason Miller. But it's not all good news. Along with the agreement, Congress also extended the federal pay freeze through fiscal 2013. So what actually in the agreement? (Views So Far 211 )

Scared of Sequestration? Get to Work - by Dannielle Blumenthal
If you believe your livelihood is in danger because of government cuts and potential sequestration, don't sit around scared of "Donald Trump" and the like. Instead do something to help yourself, and stop being a victim of your own fear. (Views So Far 481 )

Have You Reached the Sequestration Boiling Point? How's Your Agency Preparing? - by Andrew Krzmarzick
Share the uncertainty and pain of not knowing what the future holds re: budgets in this government focused discussion. (Views So Far 218 )

Sequestration 101 -- Do you actually know how it would work? - by Emily Jarvis
Great "basic" explanation of what sequestration is, and it's various impacts -- basically, how the whole thing would work if and when it happens. (Views So Far 209 )

Cutting Government, Blindfolded - by NY Times
From the Secret Service to food inspection to air traffic control, a broad range of programs would be cut by at least 7.6 percent, whether they are essential or frivolous. A few categories are exempt, including Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries, Social Security, veterans affairs and military personnel. Everything else would be run through a Procrustean band saw, a mindless way to govern. These cuts, known as the sequester, were the result of the debt-limit crisis created by House Republicans last year, when they threatened to throw the government into default if the deficit were not reduced. President Obama and the Democrats tried to respond with a balanced package of spending reductions and tax increases on the rich. But when Republicans refused the deal, the two sides agreed on a different incentive: $100 billion a year in indiscriminate cuts to programs that each side holds dear. (Views So Far 252 )

Looming Gov Shutdown - Are You Ready? 4 Ways to Prepare - GovLoop - Knowledge Network for Government - by Emily Jarvis
Once again, American government is faced with the specter of sequestration and shutdown, and the uncertainty that comes with it. Here's a short article that has a few tips on how to prepare, and what leaders can do. (Views So Far 191 )

Sequestration Obscures Fiscal Reality - by David B. Grinberg
Opinion piece on upcoming sequestration in Federal government, including some facts and economic figures. (Views So Far 365 )

Know your rights if you're furloughed - Sequestration Deadline Approaching - by Emily Jarvis
If you're a Federal Government employee concerned about sequestration, check out this short post on your rights, including the right to appeal (Views So Far 211 )

We Answer Your Sequestration Questions - The What, Why, When of Furloughs - by Emily Jarvis
Sequestration goes into effect on Friday and the quickly approaching deadline has feds asking a lot of questions. Like when will furloughs happen and for how long? Last week we talked with John Mahoney a partner and chair of the Labor and Employment Law Practice at Tully Rinckey about knowing your rights if you are furloughed. We had Mahoney back on the show with Chris Dorobek to answer some of your furlough questions. Just a note these are general answers. For specific cases you can contact Tully Rinckey or another employment attorney. (Views So Far 245 )

Industry begins feeling impact of sequestration - - by John Grobe
Federal employees are facing furlough days in many agencies due to the sequester -- the unlikely event politicians said would never happen as recently as a few months ago. Some agencies are being hit harder than others. However, budgetary pain is being felt throughout the federal government. And the sequester doesn't just affect federal employees. It has trickled down to government contractors. Many contractors are afraid the trickle will become a torrent as a year's worth of sequester-related cuts are sandwiched into a shorter period of time. The effect on contractors will likely be enhanced, as agencies move to cut contract dollars before they cut or furlough federal employees. This will result in contracts being canceled or cut back. (Views So Far 214 )

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