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Government HAS to communicate with the public -- it's one of the prime aspects that's part of a democratic society, but the path for communication is complex. In this section we'll look at the general issues, and also focus on the role of government communicators, and how they can improve their effe

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A History of Plain Language in the US Government - by Joanne Locke
For those of you fanatical about plain language, or history buffs, or are simply obsessed, here's a brief history of plain language in the US government. Cool. (Views So Far 211 )

The Government Man and the Plain Language Act - GovLoop - Knowledge Network for Government - by Alan Greenberg
With all of the hoopla about the Plain Language Act, the Government Man thought this would be a perfect opportunity to spread some wisdom and of course hype his own creation. In my book, Confessions of a Government Man, I devote an entire chapter to "Language of Government." Maybe our lawmakers read it prior to drafting the Act. Here are but a few excerpts. (Views So Far 209 )

Plain Language Is More Than Words - by Candi Harrison
Plain language is critical to great customer service. You may think that "plain language" is all about getting the words right. Well, words are a big part of it. But there's more to it than that. "Plain" means information you can find, understand, and use quickly and easily. So, in addition to choosing the right words, how the information is organized and presented is critical to making content "plain." (Views So Far 199 )

You Tell Me: Is Every Message Just Spin? - by Dave Hebert
A spirited discussion of the issue whether all messages are spun, and how it relates to the job of government communicator. Sadly, things get confused, as spin, bias, subjectivity and such things gets all jumbled, but a good read. (Views So Far 218 )

Tips and Tools: Simple Word Suggestions For Plain Language Rewriting - by na
Handy tool that identifies a lot of government speak and complex writing and provides better alternatives. Good even if you don't work in government. (Views So Far 191 )

Federal Plain Language Guidelines: Introduction - by Plain Language.Gov
The U.S. government actually has plain language guidelines in place and you can access them here. Not just for govies, but for anyone that wants to get a good grasp of what plain language involves. (Views So Far 199 )

Why Implementing the Plain Writing Act Will Take Decades - by Steve Radick
Even with Obama's policy directive on plain language, this author suggests it's really going to take decades to make a dent in the dense, hard to understand writing style in govenmnent. (Views So Far 247 )

Model Language for Agency Plain Language Page - by na
Since President Obama mandated a plain language policy for the Federal government, there's the expectations agencies will be proactive in following the guidelines. Here's an example "website" boilerplate requesting citizen input in identifying material that is...well...not plain in language. (Views So Far 227 )

Putting Plain Language Into Practice - by NWT Literacy Council
A stellar document on plain language in government complete with case studies, tips, advice, and best of all it's from Canada. Don't miss it. (Views So Far 210 )

Best Practices for Internal Blogs - by na
Good discussion about how government can improve its use of internal blogs as a means for within agency communication. No answers, but some good discussion. (Views So Far 234 )

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