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Violence In Government Workplaces - We See Only The Tip Of The Iceberg

Statistics on workplace violence in the government workplace suggest that some government employee job categories are at high risk for experiencing violence at work.

In fact, even those statistics severely underestimate the prevalence of violence towards government staff, since most incidents go unreported.

If you look at a broad definition of violence, which includes verbal abuse and "minor unwanted physical contact", it's likely that most government employees who deal with the public WILL experience some form or violence to their person.

No Easy Solution For Violence Reduction

Unfortunately, there's no easy solution. Preventative measures, like security guards, and shields between customer and staff create a confrontational atmosphere, and a lack of trust in those who use government services. And, of course, actions in response to violence that occur after the fact can only mitigate the trauma and harm just a small amount.

Below are some articles and journal articles on the topic

Available Help About: Workplace Violence

Violence in the Workplace : OSH Answers - by Government of Canada
Great overview of risk factors for workplace violence and verbal abuse, from the Government of Canada (Views So Far 230 )

The Most Dangerous Government Jobs and Why They're Riskier Than the Private Sector - by MIKE MACIAG
New (2013) research and statistics suggest that government employees are at higher risk than those in the public sector. These numbers look primarily at accidents, illness. (Views So Far 224 )

How do we deal with the angry spouse, customer or other individual bent on causing trouble? - by na
We fool ourselves into thinking such things could never happen where we work, and we often ignore behaviors that represent warning signs for an accident or an act of violence. Ignorance remains blissful only until the undesirable event occurs. The nature of prevention requires we anticipate and protect against even the most unlikely of occurrences, especially when the consequences are so severe.""There are things employers and facilities can do to protect against acts of violence, and many of them involve a tremendous amount of common sense. The only real challenge is translating common sense into a plan that everyone knows and understands. (Views So Far 529 )

Customer Violence - Nursing for Nurses (Blog post and replies) - by na
I am working with a focus group on a policy to address customer violence. Our nurses have encountered covert acts of violence from family members which have increased over the past few months. Our organization prides itself in customer service but we need to be supportive off our staff and excellent patient care by implementing a zero-tolerance policy for violence. Does anyone have a policy (that you would be willing to share) that addresses customer violence. Thank you in advance (Views So Far 555 )

Workplace Violence Ppt Presentation - by na
Excellent powerpoint presentation on violence in the workplace. (Views So Far 507 )

Work-related violence - Customer Service Officer - Case Study - by na
South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) is one of a number of passenger transport executives that operate throughout the UK. SYPTE manages the infrastructure of the transport system, including the bus stations, bus shelters and other on-street fixtures. The Executive issues travel tickets and travel passes, provides information about transport routes and timetables, and subsidises travel services for isolated communities that are not otherwise commercially viable. It employs around 350 staff. (Views So Far 473 )

When Bad Customer Service Leads the Elderly to Violence | BNET Intercom | BNET - by Lori Deschene
Mona Shaw, a 75-year old woman from Manassas Virginia, received a three-month suspended sentence, was fined $345, and was issued a year-long restraining order for going at her local Comcast payment center with a hammer. In August, she and her husband waited all day for a Comcast technician to come to their home and install the Triple Play phone, Internet, and cable service. The Technician came two days later and failed to complete the job -- and they waited two hours to speak to a manager before being told the manager had left for the day. (Views So Far 485 )

Understanding Underreporting: An exploration of the underreporting of customer anti-social behaviour - by Vicki Bishop
Violence and anti-social behaviour is a widespread phenomenon affecting a large proportion of the working population across many sectors and occupations (Bishop, Korczynski and Cohen 2005, Boyd; 2002; Di Martino, Hoel and Cooper, 2003). In addition to its detrimental effects on employee health and well-being (Chappell and Di Martino 2000), such behaviours also carry a substantial cost to employers in terms of absenteeism, turnover, litigation and negative impact on public reputation (Hoel, Sparks and Cooper, 2001). However, in order for organisations to put adequate responses and resources in place, it is vital to have an accurate picture in terms of the size or magnitude of the problem (Di Martino et al., 2003; Essenberg, 2003). Although internal reporting systems can provide organisations with this necessary information, where employees regularly fail to use it to violent and abusive behaviour and where such underreporting is endemic, any effort to address the problem is likely to fail. Given this importance of reporting, an understanding of the factors affecting widespread underreporting is essential. (Views So Far 446 )

Workplace Violence At The Office - by Chris E. McGoey
Workplace homicide is the leading cause of death among female workers in the US and is the second leading cause of death for men. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 856 employees that were murdered on the job in 1997 and of those, 731 (85%) died during robberies. (Views So Far 702 )

The: Dangerous Customer - by Shep Hyken
What is a dangerous customer? It is not necessarily a customer that is threatening you with a knife or a gun. (That is not just a dangerous customer, but a dangerous person.) What we are discussing in this article is the customer that puts you into the "danger zone" of lost business. We aren't talking about customers who have a complaint about you and choose to tell everyone they know. We are talking about that potentially very dangerous type of customer, a "satisfied" customer. (Views So Far 1191 )

Gossip - A Form of Workplace Violence - by Peter Vajda, Ph.D
To many folks, the idea of "workplace violence" connotes the physical harm that one may do to another. However, there is another form of workplace violence that is as dangerous and insidious, and this is workplace gossip. (Views So Far 827 )

Workplace Violence: Handling Difficult Customers in a Public Service Environment - by Violence Free
Some excellent tips and information about violence towards government staff. Some nuggets here, including ten tips that could save your life. (Views So Far 204 )

Workplace Violence At The Office? - by Chris E. McGoey
OFFICE VIOLENCE"One can logically understand the violence associated with high-risk occupations. The nature of the premises and location creates a criminal opportunity for those desperate for cash. See my web page on Crime Foreseeability. But how does one explain the recent pattern that is emerging where seemingly safe locations, such as private office buildings, are being used as the site for seeking revenge against one%u2019s enemies? (Views So Far 745 )

You Can Prevent Liability From Workplace Conflicts - by NA
Supervisors know that they can be held liable for their abusive or improper actions toward employees. What many supervisors don%u2019t know is that they and their organizations can be held liable for actions between and among employees%u2026 when the supervisor fails to act to resolve the situation. (Views So Far 568 )

VERBAL VIOLENCE : When Words Wound - by Debra Littlejohn Shinder
Have you ever been wounded by words? I have, and most of you who are reading this probably have, too. As children, you might have recited the familiar rythme: "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me." Even then, you probably sensed that it wasn't true. (Views So Far 552 )


Prevention (4)
In this section you'll find documents on how organizations are seeking ways to PREVENT workplace violence.
Violence Policies And Procedures And Forms (3)
Here you'll find policies and procedures regarding workplace violence, including forms you can customize and use in your own company

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