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The idea behind open government is that citizens have a right to know what goes on behind the veil or in the background. Transparency. However, the term has evolved a lot due to social media, and there are still many unexamined issues. That's what we'll look at here.

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Matching Technological Literacy with Delivery of Government Services - Managing Technology - by Dennis D. McDonald, Ph.D.
This article poses a great question, about open government and reliance on technology, and in fact the issue is even broader. The question: Is the "open government" movement's emphasis on technology creating two classes of citizens based on technological literacy? Beyond that, there's also an issue about whether open government and technology discriminate against the poor. (Views So Far 202 )

Open Government: Pro's and Con's - by Russ LeFevre
There are pro's and con's of the "Open Government" topic. This could be a polarizing subject, with positions ranging from "it's all good" juxtaposed against "will the government put a metal plate in my head and read my thoughts?" First, the context. We're talking about non-personal and non-sensitive data. We're not talking about the government disclosing anything that puts lives at risk, jeopardizes privacy or shares your high school yearbook photo, the one with the funny hairstyle. (Views So Far 320 )

The Ambiguous Meanings Of Open Government - Three Dimensions of Open Government - by David Tallan
Open government is an ambiguous concept, and different people have different meanings. Here's a quick take on three different dimensions of the term to help clarify your thinking. (Views So Far 226 )

Is Canada Behind On Open Government? - by Scott McNaughton
However, as much as the document is encouraging and I am excited to see how it is implemented, I am also cautious about some items that are missing. Canada has a lot of work ahead to catch up to the leaders in the open government world such as the United States and the United Kingdom. For example,, a website that the United States government has established to engage citizens and leverage their knowledge and experience is an example of something I'd love to see Canada adopt. (Views So Far 239 )

List of Open Gov Plans - Various Agencies Plan For Open Government - by na
If you are trying to figure out how to have more open government, take a look at this compilation of the open government plans from a large number of American government agencies. Great way to understand what the term means, at least for the USA jurisdiction. (Views So Far 231 )

The Need For Clarity For The Term "Open Government" - by Harlan Yu
David Robinson and I have just released a draft paper--The New Ambiguity of "Open Government"--that describes, and tries to help solve, a key problem in recent discussions around online transparency. As the paper explains, the phrase "open government" has become ambiguous in a way that makes life harder for both advocates and policymakers, by combining the politics of transparency with the technologies of open data. We propose using new terminology that is politically neutral: the word adaptable to describe desirable features of data (and the word inert to describe their absence), separately from descriptions of the governments that use these technologies. (Views So Far 242 )

Canada's Action Plan on Open Government: What Does It Mean? - by David Eaves
The other day the Canadian Government published its Action Plan on Open Government, a high level document that both lays out the Government's goals on this file as well as fulfill its pledge to create tangible goals as part of its participation in next week's Open Government Partnership 2012 annual meeting in Brazil. So what does the document say and what does it mean? Here is my take. (Views So Far 265 )

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