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Government Websites Still The Backbone Interface Between Citizens and Government

The biggest strides government has made in serving the communication needs of citizens were made and are still being made with websites, not social media. While websites have been around for a good decade, we're still seeing a broad diversity in quality and usability, as governments incrementally improve what they are doing.

Better Websites But More Complex Too

The original government websites were simple, and with simple ambitions, but at the same time an understanding of how to make online resources useful and easy to find was basic compared to today. If you look at old sites, or stumble across jurisdictions that "built it", then forgot about it, you'll be amazed at how quaintly bad they are.

On the positive side, governments have worked hard to craft websites that are usable, but as the skills and understanding grew, so did the goals. So, where once the point was simply to provide some basic information to citizens, now it's to allow citizens to interact with government, and to be able to do things like fill out forms and submit them (ie. for taxation purposes, permits, etc). It's a new oasis of convenience, but it's also advanced technology.

In this section you'll find information about what makes a good government website, and what various departments and jurisdictions are doing with their old, cranky sites, and their new ones.

Available Information About BYOD In Government

Website reformers find more is not better - by na
Interesting take on the possibility that more content and more websites from government is actually making it more difficult for citizens to get the information they need online. It makes sense, particularly if you've ever struggled to find something online on government sites. (Views So Far 254 )

Revamped government websites boost citizen satisfaction -- FCW - by Steve Kelman
Thanks in part to better-functioning, revamped government websites, citizens are increasingly happier with federal services for the second consecutive year, new research has found. (Views So Far 248 )

Citizens giving higher scores to government websites than to government overall - by Alice Lipowicz
Citizens are more satisfied with the web sites government produce, but unfortunately are NOT so satisfied with government overall. Interesting research, and some analysis of the numbers. (Views So Far 240 )

IRS needs better strategic plan to divert more customer traffic to website - by Alice Lipowicz
Government has made great strides in providing services online, but despite the investment, people are still using traditional methods of contact (i.e) phone, which is far more expensive per "transaction". This article talks about the investment by the IRS in its web site (320 MILLION), but that citizens are still using the phone. (Views So Far 260 )

Cloud Kool-Aid - Government Going Too Far? - by Andy Blumenthal
The cloud is great source for IT provision, but the pendulum is swinging too far and fast, and it will by necessity come back towards the center, where it belongs as an opportunity, not a compliance mandate. Hopefully, this will happen before too many CIOs gut the technology know-how they do have and the accountability they should provide. (Views So Far 195 )

Citizen Satisfaction of Government Websites Rises - by Bryce Bender
Research suggests citizens are more satisfied with government websites than before. Lists some of the top perceived USA gov sites. Concludes though that satisfaction is lower than for private sector sites. (Views So Far 288 )

Evolution of the EPA Web Site - by Jeffrey Levy
Nice "case study" of how the EPA has evolved and improved their website. Interesting that a lot of improvement comes from the altering of small web site details. (Views So Far 248 )

Best and worst government websites that you've ever used? - by Chris Cairns
Discussion area where people, primarily those involved in government, offer up their judgments on the best and worst government websites. (Views So Far 494 )

Top 5 US Federal Agency Websites in 2011 - by Jeff Ribeira
Report on some of the best American federal agency websites for 2011. Good start for identifying what works and what doesn't for public sector sites. (Views So Far 260 )

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