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Telecommuting or working remotely has potential to help government cut costs while making it easier for some employees to be in the workforce. Only it's not that simple. In this section, you'll find case studies, guides, policies on telecommuting in government

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Telework in Trouble? Why Mandatory Implementation is Needed Now. - by David Grinberg
Telework is one way that governments can save money, but implementation is not easy, and cost saving won't happen unless it's more widespread. In this article Grinberg suggest mandatory implementation is the way to go. (Views So Far 181 )

6 Benefits of Telework - Some You Know, Some You Don't - GovLoop - Knowledge Network for Government - by Emily Jarvis
You've probably heard about the negatives surrounding telework plenty of times: security risks, loose agency culture, loss of innovation. One of my big frustrations with telework is it sometimes feels like we keep having the same conversation over and over again. In our latest guide, "Agency of the Future: Telework More Than a Trend - A Workplace Transformation," took a slightly different tactic and asked, "With all the risks associated with telework, why do it?" (Views So Far 204 )

Telework Week newbies look back on the experience -- FCW - by Frank Konke
Government employees new to telework share their experiences on this "new way of working". (Views So Far 228 )

Telework Week sees upsurge in participation -- FCW - by Frank Konkel
The annual telework week for 2013 is over, but participation and experimentation with working away from the the government office increased. Learn what's going on on the subject. (Views So Far 250 )

Telework.Gov - Basics for Managers * - by na
These basic steps will help minimize any potential administrative burden, maximize the benefit of telework for you and your workgroup, and set the stage for your employees to be successful, whether or not they are teleworking. (Views So Far 213 )

Telework.Gov - Basics for Employees - by na
Telework gives employees more flexibility in meeting personal and professional responsibilities; it can offer freedom from office distractions, reduced work/life stress, and an alternative worksite setup that can be used in case of emergency. If you are interested in teleworking, or already telework but want to ensure that you become a more effective teleworker, here are the key steps to success, (Views So Far 221 )

Yahoo! Denying Employees Telecommuting - by Scott Span
New Yahoo CEO has denied employees the ability to telecommute. This is an opinion piece, but be aware that we don't know (yet), what underlies Marissa Mayer's announcement. One can argue that she wants to build internal culture, and that can't happen without ongoing employee contact in the live workplace. (Views So Far 223 )

Sweatpants and metrics for telecommuting - by Michael Lisago
As more telework employees and their managers are learning, office familiarity is not an acceptable substitute for real performance. Hopefully, our next generation of government leaders will find the patience to help us gray-haired, or in my case, no-haired, managers adapt to new ways. (Views So Far 224 )

Telework - Frequently Asked Questions - by OPM
This government site (U.S.) offers answers to common questions about teleworking in the American Federal Government. (Views So Far 236 )

HR=Humans Represent: Telecommuting LESS Environmentally Less Green - by na
There are all sorts of talk about telecommuting these days in the news, the Federal government and in the workplace. It's important to remember that it is just that: talk. Everyone's situation is different, and perhaps it is time to look at telecommuting on an individual basis. Does it work for you in your situation? What impact does it have on your finances? Is it causing more (environmental) harm than good? (Views So Far 204 )

Why Aren't Feds Teleworking... It's Not Cause They Can't - by Stephen Peteritas
Nice discussion questions, with a number of responses: Teleworking isn't something everyone wants to do...check it out on this government site. (Views So Far 244 )

How Telework Makes Better Bosses and Top-Notch Teams [Infograph] - by Andrew Krzmarzick
Infographic on how, supposedly, telework can improve management effective in government. Sponsored by HP, so keep in mind that it's not an objective take. (Views So Far 173 )

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