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Douglas J. Amy: The Real Reason for Big Government - by Douglas J. Amy
In other words, big government is not something that has been forced on Americans by liberal elitists and power-hungry bureaucrats. We have it because we ourselves have demanded big government to deal with the many big problems we have faced in our society. We have called for big government programs when it has been obvious that there are serious problems that cannot be solved through individual effort or by the natural workings of the free market. (Interesting take on history,put a bit political?) (Views So Far 266 )

Government is Good - The Case FOR Bureaucracy - by Douglas J. Amy
I think the percent of citizens who actually understand why government is as large and ponderous as it is is probably less than one percent. Excerpt: Most criticisms of government bureaucracy are based more on myth than reality. These agencies actually play a valuable and indispensable role in making our society a better place to live. We all know the case against bureaucracy. Just say the word to yourself and consider the images it evokes. Massive waste. Inefficiency. Poor service. Ever-growing organizations. Mindless rules. Reams of useless forms. The term %u201Cbureaucrat%u201D also comes loaded with a whole host of negative connotations: lazy, hostile, overpaid, imperious, and inflexible. In short, bureaucracy and bureaucrats are unmitigated bad things %u2013 with absolutely no redeeming qualities. (Views So Far 208 )

Canada's Action Plan on Open Government - A Critical Review - GovLoop - Knowledge Network for Government - by Scott McNaughton
The Canadian Government published its Action Plan on Open Government which is a document that lays out the goals of the Open Government initiative and fulfills the government's pledge to create tangible goals on Open Government. Canada still lags far behind Open Government leaders such as the United Kingdom and the United States. Does this document set the path to catch up and surpass these countries? (Views So Far 212 )

The Positive Side Of Government Bureaucracy - by Logan Harper
When people think of bureaucracy, thoughts of rules, regulations, "red tape," or slow-moving actions may come to mind. But there can be benefits to bureaucratic approaches to management, and these benefits can result in transparency, guidance, consistency, and simplicity for an organization and its employees (Views So Far 190 )

IT to the rescue: Unraveling bureaucracy at the VA, one project at a time - by Tracy Mayor
Perhaps a bit focused on Information Technology but this substantial article explains ways to reduce the bureaucratic processes in government departments, something that is critical to providing better service and more efficiency. (Views So Far 185 )

For Some in Government, Effective Is More Important Than Efficient - by LIZ FARMER
For a generation now, the buzzword for government officials has been "efficiency"--faster and cheaper equals better. But that mindset misses the big picture, says Linda Langston, the county executive of Linn County, Iowa, and the current president of the National Association of Counties. "You can be really efficient at going 100 mph, but if it's in the wrong direction, what good does it do?" Government was never designed to be efficient, she says, and leaders who tout efficiency are setting themselves up for problems. Instead, Langston's been pushing a new buzzword: "effectiveness." In other words, are programs achieving the desired results? A city-run health clinic can be efficient at getting clients in and out the door, she says. But if just the symptoms are treated instead of taking the time to address the underlying problem, that client will return again and again, costing more money in the long run. (Views So Far 177 )

Should Work-Life Integration Replace Work-Life Balance? - The Employee Engagement Network - by Jim Taggart
The reality of government is that because employees are expected to "serve upwards", staff can be basically on call and end up working long hours. Hence the idea that maybe work-life integration may be more realistic than work-live balance. (Views So Far 201 )

Tips for empowering customer service employees for better service to citizens - by na
Some suggestions for empowering government staff so they can provide better service, but one suspects the author isn't aware of the differences between public and private sector. new (Views So Far 8 )

5 Tips to Improve Virtual Training and Events - by na
With fiscal restraint the rule, can governments use virtual training and e-event to save money while serving the networking and learning needs of public sector employees? Virtual isn't "real", but here are five basic suggestions to get the bang for the buck on virtual events. (Views So Far 223 )

Thoughts on removing barriers to government performance - by Alan Balutis
Opinion piece on the barriers to improving government performance, and some suggestions on how to remove them. (Views So Far 236 )

Ministers should be given annual performance appraisals, says former head of civil service - UK Politics - UK - The Independent - by na
Ministers should be given annual performance appraisals to see how well they are doing their jobs, a former head of the civil service said today. Ex-Cabinet Secretary Lord O'Donnell acknowledged that ministers would be "nervous" about the appraisals - featuring written judgments on their effectiveness from civil servants, whips and fellow ministers - becoming public knowledge through Freedom of Information requests. (Views So Far 271 )

The People You Need in Your Community - by Mary Yang
If your agency is interested in building an active online community, this is worth the read. Some hints about how to make it work. (Views So Far 222 )

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