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Your Starting Point For Understanding Social Media In The Public Sector

By now most people are familiar with at least some of the options available for using social media to communicate with citizens, to communicate internally, and to make government more open.

Chances are, though, that you don't know ALL of the options, and their strengths and weaknesses. And as with anything, the key to making something work is to choose the right tool(s) for the job.

In this section, we'll provide links to information that will help you understand all the options available for your government agency, and help you revisit whether you existing social media strategy is the "best" for the purposes you want to achieve for your agency.

In The Public Sector: The Basics of Social Media:

Social media: Hands-on toolbox for government - by New Zealand Government
"Social media in government: Hands-on toolbox" has been written to help practitioners who are setting up social media profiles and using the tools on a daily basis. It has been written for public servants with limited experience using social media, but also offers tools and tips that will be useful for those practitioners who have been using social media for some time. The "Hands-on toolbox": gives an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the five core social media tools: social networks, media-sharing networks, blogs, wikis and forums; provides tips and templates for reporting, participation and moderation policies, accessibility issues and legal considerations; provides useful examples of how social media is being used effectively by government agencies; does not offer advice on specific social media applications (for example, it does not specify the specific steps necessary to set up a Facebook page or a forum on Bang the Table); is not meant to be read from start to finish, but rather used as a reference when facing specific issues or using specific tools. (Views So Far 204 )

Guidelines for Secure Use of Social Media by Federal Departments and Agencies - by Information Security and Identity Management Committee
Online security is critical these days, and hardly a week goes by that doesn't contain some news about a social media hack. These guidelines specify what government agencies should be doing to increase online security. (Views So Far 193 )

Social Media Metrics for Federal Agencies - by na
Great introduction to metrics that might be used to evaluate whether there's a return on investment for government agencies using social media. (Views So Far 228 )

7 Reasons Every Government Agency Needs a Social Media Policy - OhMyGov News - by Andrew B. Einhorn
The popularity of social media across many different demographic groups has allowed for an unprecedented level of openness and connectedness, which also provides substantial opportunities for "good government." By using inexpensive and widely accessible social media platforms, government agencies can engage and communicate with a citizenry eager for conversation in ways previously impossible or impractical. However, employee use of social media is not without risk. In the absence of a formal, institutionalized policy on social media communications, there is a very real possibility of the rapid spread of misinformation, unauthorized leaks of classified or sensitive material, and damaging off-the-cuff interactions that can cause public relations nightmares. To many people, a government agency's social media accounts are the voice of the agency now. These accounts -- whether on Facebook and Twitter or other smaller platforms -- are critical to maintaining a credible dialogue with citizens. Establishing a clear, defined social media policy is critical to maintaining an accurate, useful, and productive conversation with the public. (Views So Far 247 )

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